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Sports Betting Sites Accepting US Players Offer Big, Crazy Sports Bets

Sports betting sites that accept USA players allow the common man, you and I, access to the same bets that celebrities, professional gamblers and athletes wager insane amounts of money on. Want some examples of some ridiculous and downright crazy sports bets? We thought you would, so we compiled a list of some of the weirdest, ballsiest and in some cases downright brainless sports wagers recorded.

We have also provided a refined listing of the industry's leading US sports betting sites that are licensed to provide their wagering services to US bettors. Each of these sites has been carefully reviewed and vetted by a team of professional online gambling analysts to ensure that we provide the most reputable, legitimate and quality sports betting opportunities to our visitors.

Leading Online Sportsbooks Accepting USA Players

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Sportsbook Name New Players Promotion USA Friendly?
Bovada Sports 50% Match Bonus Up To $250 Yes
BetOnline Sports 25% Match Bonus Up To $1000 Yes 25% Match Bonus Up To $1000 Yes
Bookmaker Sportsbook 25% Match Bonus Up To $500 Yes

Betting $1 Million on a Single Game

When your nickname is Mister Las Vegas, you might know a little about sports gambling. At the top rated sports betting sites that accept US players, which we conveniently list, would you have the guts to make the bet that Bob Stupak made in 1989? The underdog Cincinnati Bengals were facing the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII. The Niners were favored by 7 points, and many thought that they would blow out the Bengals. Stupak, or Mister Las Vegas if you prefer, bet $1 million on Cincy to win the game outright. When you can shrug your shoulders at a $1 million loss, you are ballin' big time. Rapper 50 Cent bet and won a cool $1 million on the Giants winning the Super Bowl, also pocketing another $1 million when his bet on his best friend and boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Oscar De La Hoya paid off. And Mayweather bet and won $1 million on the AFC Divisional Playoffs of 2012, when the Tim Tebow-led Denver Broncos lost to the New England Patriots.

Betting $1,000 on a Safety?

Those sportsbooks that accept US players will probably not see you plunking down $1,000 on a long odds Super Bowl prop bet anytime soon. If you do, good on ya, you definitely have ice water flowing through your veins and no fear of risk. Actually, this happened back before the start of Super Bowl XLVI. Even though there have only been seven safeties scored in Super Bowl history, throughout the entire course of game play, Jona Rechnitz decided to plunk down $1,000 on the probability that a safety would be the first score in the New England - New York Giants Super Bowl.

A safety had never registered as the first play in a Super Bowl game before, and the odds against such happening were offered at 50 to 1 when he placed his bet at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Sportsbook on February 5, 2012. When Tom Brady took an intentional safety on the first play of the game, Rechnitz pocketed a cool $50,000. You can now place your bets at legitimate sports betting sites that accept US players without taking a trip to Vegas and the MGM Grand, from anywhere in the United States with an Internet connection.

"You Want to Bet That the St. Louis Cardinals Do What?!"

This bet qualifies as insane, awesome, ballsy and jaw-dropping, as does the payout. A St. Louis fan and U.S. resident who decided to remain anonymous placed two wagers on his beloved Cardinals, who were at the time five games back from a wild card spot. On September 12, 2011, again at the MGM Grand, that fan received 500 to 1 odds on a $250 bet against the Cardinals making the World Series. He returned in October to take 999 to 1 odds against St. Louis winning the World Series, also on a $250 bet. You mathematicians out there have already done the work, and realize that the $500 expenditure stood to deliver over $375,000 in profits, and that is exactly what happened. Want to turn a relatively average wager into a life-changing payday? Hit the best US sports betting sites where we ourselves hold accounts, and place your futures and props bets on a multitude of sports offerings. All U.S.A. residents of legal gambling age are supported.